ARMY ARCHERD called Fred Holmes's production of FORGET ME NOT: THE ANNE FRANK STORY "a powerful and personal presentation."

USA TODAY named ANNE FRANK their FILM OF THE WEEK, calling it "dramatic programming at its best."

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER wrote, "Director Fred Holmes brings a sweet-spirited quality to his films."

VARIETY wrote, "Fred Holmes has a flair for touching moments," filling his films with "emotional moments of surprising punch."

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS wrote, "Fred Holmes is widely regarded as one of the premier filmmakers in the southwest."

Academy Award-winning producer, Gerald R. Molen (SCHNIDLER'S LIST) says, "I've known Fred for more than thirty years and find him both an exceptional storyteller and a fine human being."

Lou Diamond Phillips (Golden Globe and Tony Award-nominated star of LA BAMBA, STAND AND DELIVER, YOUNG GUNS, COURAGE UNDER FIRE, and THE KING AND I says, "Fred was my first and best film director, and truly a joy to work with."

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